Me and My Languages


Language is one of subject matters I interested in, as well computer and music. A lot of things made up my mind to concern to language rather than others. As a result, language is being a side of my life that I to learn and dig out.

I come from Javanese family, with Javanese as my first language, my mother tongue. I speak Javanese to my father, mother, brothers, and all families. They are all Javanese.
Nevertheless, there were a moment in my life I still remember where I can speak foreign language as my second language (excluding Indonesia).

My father worked in Bondowoso when I was 7 years old. I accompanied him with all family and I studied at an elementary school there. The indigenous speak Madura as their colloquial speech, and once in a while teachers used Madura in classrooms.

Initially, I’ve got difficulties to associate since lack of communication competence in using Madura. Most of them can not speak except Madura. But, after along time I could make myself confident and adjusted to a new environment to speak Madura, moreover, I have been being a quasi-native speaker of Madura!

Afterward I moved to Bandung when I was 18 to study at an University. I studied at Padjadjaran University majoring in Arabic and it literature. In fact, I didn’t really mean to study Arabic and selected it as a third alternative behind communication science and astronomy while in entrance test to the state university system. The fate, however, determined me to have contact with Arabic. And hitherto, I like and enjoy studying Arabic. Furthermore, I broaden my knowledge in Arabic linguistic, in master degree. Anyway, since I lived in Bandung, I also learnt to speak Sundanese because it is spoken as a vernacular language. Then, Sundanese is another vernacular languages I able to speak.

Nonetheless, there were also a language initially I disliked and tend to hate it, viz. English. I didn’t like English since SMP until S2. At the time, I admitted English as a hegemonic language, imperialistic language, a language that only used by infidels. However, that was the past. In the last 3 years, I have been studying English from zero, since I have realized language is not merely matter of hegemony or imperialism, but it also power and domination. And English meet requirements. By English I’ll rule the world, and I have been starting now.

By Kamal Yusuf

About kamalinev

Lahir 6 Juni 1979 (udah tua juga ya!) di Babat Lamongan Jawa Timur. Sejak kecil sudah merantau ke sana kemari, tinggal dari satu daerah ke daerah yang lain. Umur 5 hingga 7 tahun tinggal di Gresik. Seterusnya ikut tinggal bersama orang tua di Bondowoso, sebuah kota kecil di timur Banyuwangi, hingga selesai SD. SMP ia lanjutkan di Probolinggo sekaligus nyantri di Nurul Jadid Paiton. SMA dilanjutkan di Jember, tinggal bersama orang-orang “gila” di sebuah asrama penderitaan bernama MAPK, sebuah tempat berkumpulnya anak-anak pilihan seantero Jawa Timur. Bosan dengan kehidupan di Jawa Timur, lanjut lagi merantau ke Bandung, di sana studi di Univ. Padjadjaran. 4 tahun dirasa cukup tinggal di tanah Pasundan, pindah lagi untuk studi di Univ. Indonesia, Jakarta (Depok). Pada tahun 2004 selepas lulus kuliah S2 dari UI, diputuskan untuk tinggal dan bekerja di Surabaya, hingga saat ini. Tapi ini bukan pilihan terakhir. Jika dirasa perlu, nanti akan ada hijrah lagi, entah kapan….

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  1. Hmm…interesting indeed… there was time when you thought “english as the language of the INFIDELS” ?!? hihihi…i want to know more bout this provoking thinking Kamal😉

  2. Don’t know much about linguistic, but I know Noam Chomsky one of my favorite writer. Inspiring blog. Keep up the good work.

  3. excuseme ma honoured lecturer… i have big problem in language…difficulty solving coz not many arabic lecturers in my faculty know…but i think u can help me sir…aha..proude to be ur student…🙂

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